Must Have Skincare Products for Great Skin


We all desire great looking smooth, but to achieve that, you must have the right skin care products. However, this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to take good care of your skin. The most important thing is to choose skincare products that are ideal for your skin type. With that, you will be able to take care of your skin well. Also, ensure you read on the best products for your skin type and how to use them to get the best results.

These are my Must Have Skincare Products for Great Skin

Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen


You cannot walk out without sunscreen. There are different brands on the market, but I’d suggest you pick one that is broad spectrum with SPF 30 or more. I always look out for one with zinc oxide and titanium oxide ingredients as they create a smooth finish. If you are outdoors for long, you should reapply your sunscreen after every two hours. If you are not spending too much time outdoors, it’s fine to apply just once in the morning.

Eye Cream

The skin around the skin is fragile and is usually one of the first spots to reveal your age. Starting to apply eye cream early creates a good routine. Even if you are not treating wrinkles at the time, it moisturizes the skin to fill it, so the lines do not show much when you age. This is what I do. I experiment with different creams with various active ingredients to hydrate the different layers and skin structures. For example, I can start with an eye cream that has minimal retinol to work up collagen, when that jar is over, I can try a more moisturizing formula that contains hyaluronic acid. This way, I get all the benefits with each jar.


Everyone possibly has a cleanser in their bathroom. But is it ideal for your skin type? You have to be sure the cleanser you use is good for your face. Pick a cleanser that is formulated for your particular skin type. The soap you use on the rest of your other body parts is harsh and isn’t recommended for facial skin.

Vitamin C Serum

 vitamin C serum

If you are looking for an extra layer of sun protection, I highly recommend vitamin C serum full of antioxidants. It’s important to know that sunscreen doesn’t provide 100% block from the sun. UV rays will still penetrate, so it’s good to wear something below the SPF to negate free radicals that are released as well as help with the production of collagen. Although some sunscreens claim to have antioxidants in them, one cannot prove that the amount they contain is enough, so I’d recommend using each product separately.


It’s not as appealing, but retinoids are great for your skin. They will rebuild your collagen, treat skin and turn back photoaging. Go for a subtle, over the counter retinol product that won’t irritate or over exfoliate. Use it before going to bed and mix with some bit of moisturizer so that it’s easier to use.

I use these products every day, and although I will not brag I have the finest skin, it sure isn’t badly off.