Quick And Easy Skin Care Tips

Quick And Easy Skin Care Tips

Quick And Easy Skin Care TipsFor almost each one of us, every morning there are seems to be more things to be done and less time to do it. Whether, we are rushing to get to work, school or just somewhere else, there never seems to be enough time. I am one of those people who always seems to have a 1001 things to get done in the morning before I get out of the door. But despite the less time we have, we should never neglect our skin. Even with only 5 minutes to spare, glowing skin is possible by doing the following things.

Since you know your routine always be prepared

Keep your skin care products beside your bed neatly. This should include Q-tips and cotton pads. You can also leave your heel exfoliant by your bedside so that you can remember to apply it before going to bed. Even if you feel you’re short of time in the morning that is no reason to miss an opportunity to take care of yourself. By knowing your morning routine you will improve your skin care regime greatly.

Only do the essentials

This highly depends on your skin type and the type of products you will need. As much as you don’t want to ignore the products that are important, facial masks are not necessary and they consume a lot time.

Do not wipe make up off your face

Take a mild cleanser and wet your gentle cotton wash cloth. Wipe your face and it should remove all the makeup. You can remove any leftover make up with a little amount of makeup remover. Apart from saving you time, you will also avoid pulling at your skin which can tear it thus cause sagging.

beauty-tipsBuy products that are multi-taskers

• A good toner can get rid of any make up traces on the face while at the same time providing the skin with antioxidants and barrier repair ingredients.
• A good formulated lip balm can be used on both heels and elbows.
• Apply a moisturizer that is formulated with sunscreen during the day so that you don’t have to use a different product. Alternatively, if your foundation and pressed powder contain sunscreen, you can as well use your night time moisturizer.
• If your facial skin gets dry, use a well formulated hydrating and brightening serum that will make your complexion lighter while at the same time hydrating your skin.
• If you have a good facial moisturizer, you can use it as an eye cream. Do the same for your face and chest.
• Want to scrub your face but do not have a facial scrub? Use a mild water soluble cleanser with a soft wash cloth.
• To make your elbows look radiant and youthful, you can apply your facial exfoliant too!

The type of products you purchase matter a lot

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to build your daily routine around specific product brands the important thing is ensuring you get the best products that are formulated properly without ingredients that will harm your skin.