Real Simple And Quick Nail Care Tips

good looking nails

Washing dishes with glovesWelcome to my blog! I’m glad you stopped by… the main reason for starting this blog is to share with you my parenting and beauty ideas. As a mom/ girl(yes I’m still a girl!), I always find that I get engrossed in taking care of everyone else around me that sometimes I forget to give myself some good pampering.
I have also resolved to at least take a 30 minute break everyday all alone and reflect on my day. You too should. Every mom deserves a break! And for those wondering, just so you know, I love my little munchkins, they are my ride or die, I treasure every minute I spend with them.
So today I will be sharing with you some easy nail care tips I have learnt to do on my own while still taking care of my little ones.

Removal of cuticles

One common mistake we often make when taking care of our nails is cutting the cuticles. Cuticles should never be cut. Rather, you should apply a cuticle cream or gel and then gently push your cuticles with a cuticle stick. This way, you are able to avoid getting any bacterial infections.

Clip your nails regularly

As a mom, you have no reason to keep extremely long nails. You may even hurt the young ones when dressing them up or even doing house chores can be extremely tough with long nails. Maintain your nails in a length that will not compromise your everyday activities and clip them often. Did you know nails that are super long are more likely to break than shorter ones? Now you know.

Glove on

Never ever do your laundry, dishes or wash your house without putting on some rubber gloves. Cleaning chemicals are too harsh and they can really harm your nails and hands. Not only will they damage your hands, they will also make your nails weaker and they could even give you some bad burns. Wearing rubber gloves while cleaning is extremely beneficial to your hands and nails.

Avoid putting your hands in cold or hot water

good looking nails
Hot water will make your skin dry by stripping it off sebum while cold water will constrict and dilate your capillary vessels which can cause redness. This is dangerous to your nails.

Use nail creams

Your regular moisturizer is often not enough. To take proper care of your nails, you will have to get some nail special creams. I love my nail cream and it does a great job though nowadays I can’t seem to find it at my local store. I would love to hear what you use and how it works for you in the comments. Perhaps I could get something that I can try. The best thing about nail creams is that they are affordable.

Protect your nails with some sunscreen

Did you know your hands can get wrinkles and spots just like your face if not well taken care of? Now you know. Always apply some sunscreen on your hands when going out of the house to prevent wrinkles.
Finally, eat healthy and drink lots of water. No form of treatment will work if you do not have a proper balance. Your personal grooming can never be complete without beautiful nails you should never ignore taking care of your nails.
Every girl deserves great nails!